This Is Me


This is my new space. I needed a fresh start and needed to feel more like myself 100%. For those of you who are familiar with my work, you will notice one small change... 

Going into 2017 I decided to start shooting more for myself and more of what I wanted to shoot. Specialize in a few areas rather than all of them. I needed to feel like what I was shooting was not only representing me fully, but that it was also inspiring me as well. So with that I had decided to no longer shoot Families, Maternity and Newborns/Children. I was starting to not feel inspired by what I was creating, and I didn't want to get to the point where I might stop photographing all together because I love it so much.

So 5 months into this new year I have been shooting more creatively, feeling inspired and in love with everything that I have been doing. But there was still this small part of me that felt like my brand as a whole wasn't 100% representing me or how I wanted to portray my business. This is why you are here now.

I am excited to finally feel proud of my work and what I am putting out into the universe. I am excited to grow and share more than ever. And I am excited to have your support as I continue on.

Thank you!


Heidi Toevs